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Twi’lek Name Generator

Use this Star Wars Twi’lek name generator to develop unique name options for the Twi’lek race. The names come in two forms, one with a first name and last (clan) name, and the other as a combined name with an apostrophe placed within the name. You’ll find both these name types across the Star Wars Universe.

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What is a Twi’lek?

In Star Wars, the Twi’leks are an omnivorous humanoid species from the planet Ryloth. They have varying colors of skin and a pair of tentacles, called lekku, growing from their heads.

How do you name a Twi’lek?

Twi’lek names are made by combining a personal name and a clan name. Then an apostrophe is inserted in a varying spot to change the pronunciation. These names often come from the Ryl or Basic languages. When not around their own species, the names are split into traditional first and last names.

Famous Twi’leks

Here are some various Twi’leks from across the Star Wars universe to help inspire your Twi’lek names.

  • Hera Syndulla – Pilot from Star Wars Rebels
  • Bib Fortuna – Associate of Jabba the Hutt who translates for him
  • Cham Syndulla – Led his people in a revolt against the separatists
  • Oola – A dancer who works for Jabba the Hutt
  • Darth Talon – A Sith Twi’lek
  • Aayla Secura – A Twi’lek Jedi from the Galactic Republic
  • Mission Vao – A young Twi’lek girl from Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (KOTOR)
  • Ro Fenn – The head of clan Fenn and member of the Twi’lek Clan Council
  • Swilja Fenn – A Jedi from the New Jedi Order

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