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This Rattataki name generator creates perfect ideas for this Star Wars species. They work great for roleplaying, fiction, and Knights of the Old Republic (Kotor).

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Rattataki come from a violent society, and are often warriors and gladiators. As such, their names tend to have a strong sound to them. Aside from that there aren’t any particular naming conventions, so these names are designed to work well with this species as well as other Star Wars names.

The Rattataki name generator creates first and last names, but you can also drop the last name if desired as you’ll see from the examples below some characters don’t use one.

Rattataki Names

Here are some good name ideas taken from the generator:

  • Kles Dagg
  • Dexen Arundel
  • Setria Da Res
  • Kesel Arcaina
  • Chiv Narson
  • Jartris Aryss
  • Kendan Chinzano
  • Von Modun
  • Haldin Feckle
  • Rhel Degor
  • Kles Axton
  • Kudro Mardin
  • Kosa Tafo
  • Kolby Glam
  • Reff Zess
  • Hacora Xemo
  • Xevre Los
  • Barga Xemo
  • Brin Monoceros
  • Valek Svung

Star Wars Rattataki Names

Here is a list of Rattataki names from various Star Wars shows, books, movies, and more.

  • Kaliyo Djannis – a female anarchist and revolutionary
  • Aidus – a male warrior who served Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress
  • Geden
  • Veran Anjek – a male cyborg Rattataki warrior
  • Ashy – a male pilot in the Republic Navy
  • Silas Fleetfire
  • Sulkhaz – a male criminal and the leader of the Blood of Talath
  • Raspyon Degger
  • Kassien – a female Sith Lord
  • Gom Danvik – a male bounty hunter
  • Groben
  • Heirad – commander of the Dread Host
  • Kantis
  • Karok – a male Rattataki lieutenant of the Bleeder gang

Source: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Rattataki/Legends

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