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Our book club name generator is perfect for finding a fun moniker for your reading group. It has names that are funny, punny, drinking-related, and cute. No matter your group style, we’ve got a great name option.

To get ten random ideas, tap the generate button. Then tap on the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Funny Book Club Names

  • The Literary Lushes
  • ProProse
  • Bound to Succeed
  • Spine Crackers
  • B.A.G. Ladies (Books Are Good)
  • Feeling Shelf-ish
  • Bound Together
  • Read Em and Weep
  • The Fiction Addiction
  • Can of Bookworms
  • Get Lit
  • Word to Your Mother
  • Prose & Cons
  • Double Booked
  • Make Shhhh Happen
  • Book Em Dano
  • Literal Hotties
  • Shelf Awareness
  • Waiting for Merlot
  • Prose Before Hoes
  • Can’t Help OurShelves
  • My Weekend Is All Booked
  • Between the Covers
  • Bound to Happen
  • The Book Was Better
  • Textual Relations
  • The Need for Read
  • All Day, Eyre Day
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Wine Book Club Names

Here are some names for groups who like to sip wine or other beverages while discussing their reading.

  • Readaholics Anonymous
  • Booked and Tipsy
  • Too Lit To Quit
  • Friends, Wines & Books
  • The Teatime Tomes
  • The Quill and Swill Society
  • The Book Buzz Brigade
  • Party Girls
  • Literary Libations Society
  • Ladies Guilty Pleasures Book Club
  • The Tequila Tales and Texts
  • We Love Books A Latte
  • The Prosecco Page Turners
  • Bards and Barley
  • We Like To Get Lit
  • The Chapter Chuggers
  • Bubbles and Books Club
  • Drinking Club With A Reading Problem
  • Women, Wine & Words
  • Brandy New Book Club
  • Women, Wine, and Words
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Other Good Ideas

  • Book friends
  • The Literati
  • Shhhhhhh
  • Chapter One
  • Reading Rainbow
  • The Book Circle
  • The Booklights
  • Literary Ladies
  • Books Are Magic
  • As the Page Turns
  • First Editions
  • Turn the Page
  • The Bookworm Brigade
  • Pleasant Pages
  • Cover to Cover
  • Rosy Readers
  • Book Club Bliss
  • Turning Pages
  • Reading Is Fun-damental
  • Time Will Tale
  • Bookmarks the Spot
  • Between The Lines
  • Ready to Read

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