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Mercenary Group Name Generator

This Mercenary group name generator will provide random name options for a paramilitary band. These companies often consist of independent contractors available for hire to carry out military operations.

To get ten random ideas, click the generate button. Then click the stars to save your favorites to a list.

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Hopefully, you found some great name options. These can be used for a real group, Battletech, Star Wars, or any other fictional mercenaries.

If you want names for an individual merc, you might like our cowboy name generator or our bandit name generator, which generate different types of ideas you might find useful.

Cool Mercenary Names

Here’s a selection of cool-sounding mercenary group names from the generator.

  • Raven Soldiers
  • Anchor Group
  • Tiger Company
  • Omen Soldiers
  • Cyber Associated
  • Enigma Syndicate
  • Gold Gunners
  • Underground Order
  • Avant Corp
  • Scarlet Blades
  • Ignus Cartel
  • Eagle Gunners
  • Sapphire Force
  • Sabortooth International
  • G10 Syndicate
  • Angel League
  • CAI Compass
  • Liontooth Group
  • Saber Command
  • G10 Command
  • Warthog Corp
  • Crimson Crew
  • Ghost Watch
  • Fire Command
  • PriorityOne Corporation
  • Crimson Command
  • MIG Command

Tough Mercenary Company Names

If you want your crew to have a tough-sounding name, sure to strike fear into any enemies, and confidence in their recruiters, check out these ideas.

  • Death Clan
  • Grim Corp
  • Crow Brotherhood
  • Zombie Corps
  • Bulldog Brotherhood
  • Spider Force
  • Razor Riders
  • BlackCoast Disciples
  • Chaos Riders
  • Chainsaw Force
  • Venom Squad
  • Knife Point
  • Warlord Boys
  • Vulture Corp
  • Stryke Association
  • Death Riders
  • Venom Group
  • Razor Aerospace
  • Skeleton Cartel
  • Ghost Squad
  • Fang Association
  • Zombie Command

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